For many couples, the promise is “until death do us part.” The other half is usually taken by surprise by the death of their partner, which is why a companion urn may be a good choice. If you have never heard of companion urns before, read on!

All About Companion Urns

A companion urn is a special type of urn that is designed to contain the ashes of a couple or more than one person. It is commonly called a couple’s urn, as it is commonly used by couples who wanted to be laid to rest together.

However, companion urns are not limited to spouses. It can be between parent and child, siblings, friends, etc. Since it is meant to hold the cremated remains of one person, these urns are made to contain around 400 cubic inches of ashes. There are no rules as to how you decide to fill up a companion urn, so feel free to choose whose ashes will be inside the urn.

There is a wide array of styles, sizes, and shapes of companion urns. You will surely find one that will match the personality and spirit of the departed. Some types of urns even come with a

divider to separate the respective ashes of the departed.

Will the ashes be mixed in a companion urn?

It depends! There are urns that have a divider in order to separate the ashes, if that is their preference of the choice of the family. There are also some companion urns that are completely hollow, allowing ashes to be mixed and merged into one.

If you bought a hollow urn without a divider but would like to keep the ashes separated, you can place them in separate air-tight bags before putting into the urn. 

Can companion urns be used for overweight people?

Yes! Since companion urns offer more capacity compared to normal, adult size urns, they can be a great alternative if you need more cubic inches. Since the normal range of companion urns is 400 pounds, this is a great way to store the cremated remains of the deceased which can not fit into a standard size urn.

Can I place personal belongings of my loved one with their ashes in a companion urn?

Definitely! As long as there is still ample space left in the cremation urn, there is no issue over putting any belongings or memorabilia inside the urn. These can be wedding bands, personal items such as necklaces, letters, or any other memorable items. However, it shouldn’t take up too much space so that the cremated remains can easily fit in the companion urn.

Is it possible to bury a companion cremation urn?

No, we do not recommend burying a companion urn. If you would like to bury an urn, we suggest that you look for one that is made with biodegradable and eco-friendly material.

What are cubic inches?

The rule of thumb is that 1 cubic inch is equal to 1 pound of the body weight of the deceased prior to cremation. Thus, if a companion urn that you choose can contain 400 cubic inches, you can fit more than one person’s cremated remains inside.

Can I combine a loved one’s ashes with their pet’s ashes?

Yes, you can! Generally, you can combine as many living thing’s ashes in the companion urn as long as there is space for it. There are no specifications as to which and whose ashes you can put inside, so feel free to do so.

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