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Cremation Urns

Losing a loved one can be one of the most troubling times of our lives. Saying goodbye to a parent, mother or father, spouse, beloved friend or a family member is never easy. A lot of families nowadays choose beautiful cremation urn over a coffin and traditional burial service. Instead of having their loved ones buried, the preference is to have the remains kept in a decorative cremation urn. An affordable Cremation urn can help with the grieving process allowing you to offer a final resting place and keep their legacy alive and and memorialize them in just the right way.

Our cremation Urns for human Ashes

We understand this can be a very sensitive time and our mission is to help with this transition, proving quality funeral cremation urns at an affordable price point complimented by an impeccable service.  Our Cremation urns online are all handcrafted and over a variety of designs and colours to cherish and respect your loved one.


How to choose the right cremation urn for sale

Urns for ashes are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. To choose the right type of urn for you or your loved one, you should consider the following:
  • How you want to keep the remains
  • The overall carrying capacity of the urns
  • The material used to create it
  • The size of your loved one’s burial plot or columbarium

Where to display beautiful cremation urns?

Most of the time, families choose to keep memorial urns in columbariums, mausoleums or their own homes. Choosing where to display your loved one’s memorial urn depends mostly on how you want to remember the deceased or what your religion dictates. Wherever you choose to put the urn, be sure to keep it somewhere safe.

What to do with cremation urns

There are various ways you can keep the remains of a deceased family member. Here are some popular examples of how families store a decorative cremation urn:
  • Keep it in a special place inside your own residence
  • Divide the remains among the rest of the family in small keepsake urns
  • Bury the urn in a cemetery
  • Store the remains in a columbarium
  • Store the ashes in a biodegradable urn and let it nourish a growing plant

What size cremation urn do I need?

Typically, adult cremation urns are preferred when the deceased person is about 200 to 220 lbs heavy. If you're leaning towards sharing the ashes among the members of your family, you can choose a keepsake urs set.

What are cremation urns made of?

Our beautiful cremation urns vary in materials. urns can be made from ceramics, glass, steel, natural stone and wood. When you shop for an urn, don’t forget to consider the material used and the location of the urn. This is a crucial step you need to do especially if you want to take the remains with you when you travel.

Additional FAQS

How big are cremation urns?

Urns come in different sizes and shapes. Here are the approximate specifications of urns we offer here at Keepsakes Memorials:
  • Adult urns - approximately 9 inches high with a 6.5-inch diameter
  • Medium urns - approximately 8.5 inches tall with a 5.5-inch diameter
  • Extra large urns - approximately 11 inches high with a 9-inch diameter
Be sure to check the individual urn size before you buy a cremation urn.

Are cremation urns sealed?

Yes, they can be sealed. Urns can be equipped with a plastic plug, threaded lid or a fastened panel. Plastic plugs are commonly used for ceramic urns, while threaded lids and fastened panels are found in metal urns.

What do cremation urns cost?

The price of an affordable cremation urn varies depending on the size, style, and design of the urn that you wish to avail. For more information, you can check out our product catalogue.

How are cremation urns sealed?

After filling the urn with the ashes of your loved ones, you can start sealing the container. If you're using a metal urn, simply turn the lid until it's tightly closed. If you bought a ceramic urn, use the plastic plug to prevent the remains from spilling. Lastly, if you opted for a wooden memorial urn, seal the remains the fastening the screw located at the bottom portion.

Do cremation urns need to be sealed?

It’s best to keep a memorial urn sealed to keep the remains from spilling. Use the methods enumerated above and place the container in a dry and secure area.

Where to buy cremation urns?

It is possible to buy Urns online for human ashes are available here at Keepsakes. We offer an extensive selection of urns. You can choose from a variety of materials, designs and sizes.