/White Keepsake Urn Set: 1 large & 1 Small Diamond Cut Urns

White Keepsake Urn Set: 1 large & 1 Small Diamond Cut Urns

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Our large white cremation urn and small keepsake urn set includes two meticulously crafted diamond cut urns. The diamond engraved technique is uniquely handcrafted for each funeral urn and comes in a stunning white color. This urn is further complemented by a secure, tight-fitting, and diamond engraved lid. Our ash urns are both functional and a truly beautiful urn set.

Our white urn set is made with high grade aluminium and coated with a special Lacquer, ensuring you’ll receive an impeccable finish which is built to last. An elegant and durable cremation urn with a creative design that will honour your loved one forever more.

Includes one large urn and one small keepsake urn plus two premium velvet bags.

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White Keepsake Urn Set inc. 1 Large & 1 small keepsake Urn

Our diamond cut white keepsake urn set includes one large adult urn and a matching small white keepsake urn. This urn set allows you to store your loved ones remains and also keep a small keepsake urn as a lasting memory with you at all times. A small keepsake can be kept at a separate location such as a desk or nightstand or a place close to you at all times.

The white adult urn and small urn set have an elegant and intricate surface due to the diamond cut design. This adds an extra shimmer and eye catching finish which captures light beautifully from all angles. It’s graceful design makes it a versatile choice that will look good displayed anywhere.

A Large white Urn and small companion keepsake urn set

Our white urn set is handcrafted by skilled artisans that ensure your cremation urns are built to last. This diamond cut large white funeral urn set is made from aluminium and coated with a special lacquer to protect and preserve its shine.

large white and small keepsake urn set with diamond cut finish dimensions
For your convenience, the white adult sized urn white comes with a high-quality velvet bag for ease of transport and storage. The large and small keepsake urn set is perfect to gracefully store your loved ones ashes in an elegant and durable way.

Why Choose our large white urn and small urn set with diamond cut finish??

We understand how important a creation urn will be for you. This is why we ensure each ash urn is made with love, care and attention to detail. With our ash urns, you can expect incredible value at an affordable cost. If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a 30 day, hassle free return policy for our cremation urns.


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