Losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family. Your pet may have been with you and your loved ones for many years, and it is expected to grieve their loss the same way one would with a parent or sibling. Not everyone may understand just how a pet can become a family member and why it is important for you and your family to pay tribute to the four-legged friend’s life.

Here is one thing you should remember: any feelings of loss or grief that you feel are completely valid. It is not something you should hide nor feel bad about. It is an understandable part of losing a loved one that has meant a lot to you, even if they were just a pet.

The more you try to deny your emotions about the feeling of loss, the harder it will be for you to accept that your beloved pet has passed. Similar to losing a loved one, there will be an empty feeling after losing a pet. This is particularly true if it was a cat or dog who always greeted you whenever you got home.

Your pet easily becomes an integral part of your life, and they only deserve to be given tribute to. One of the hardest decisions to make after a pet passes is deciding what to do with them. Will you bury them? Cremate them to save their ashes?

If you have chosen the latter, we have a few ideas that will help you bid farewell to your beloved pet in the way they deserve. 

  1. Scatter your pet’s ashes.

For something traditional, scattering ashes is the way to go. All you have to do is take the cremated remains of your pet to a memorable place, like a park that they liked playing in. From there, you will scatter the cremated remains of your pet. Of course, you can always opt to keep some through a keepsake urn at home.

  1. Keepsake urn for pet ashes.

We actually have a keepsake urn that you can display at home to remind you of your pet. You only need to take a portion of the cremated remains and store it in a keepsake urn that will look great at a place dedicated to your pet’s memory. 

  1. Bury your pet’s remains in a family land or your backyard. 

Having a place to visit your beloved pet will help you work through your grief. Thus, you also honor your pet’s memory by keeping them near the family home since you consider them part of the family.

We recommend burying a pet remains in a garden, and deep enough so that it will not be easily dug up. You can even plant flowers on top of the gravesite to serve as a tribute to your pet.

  1. Incorporate your pet’s ashes into the paint for a portrait.

This is a fairly new and creative way to celebrate your pet’s memory. A few artists have specialized in using ashes to create a black and white portrait of a pet. This is a great yet subtle way to have a piece of your pet’s memory at home.

  1. Display a pet cremation urn at home.

You can store the cremation urn of your pet alongside family members. This way, you can fondly remember your pet and treat them as a beloved family member.

Do you have any unique or heartfelt ideas on what you can do with pet ashes? Let us know in the comments below!