//Infant Urns For Children

Infant Urns for Babies & Children

It can be an unbearable experience to deal with the death of an infant or a young child. With our special infant urns, we endeavour to help grieving parents find some solace in this highly distressing time by providing the perfect sacred vessel for their child’s remains to be cherished forever.

Your little angel’s life may have been cut short, but it doesn’t mean that you cant cherish your baby girl or baby boy forever. Let us help you pay tribute to your child’s remains in a regal, special and elegant way with a beautiful infant urn.

Perfect Cremation urns for a Baby boy or Girl

Our Keepsake Urns or special child urns are perfect for a baby or a young child. You can choose from different colours, designs, sizes and styles. You can also choose an urn based on the preferred material used to make it. Bid farewell to your fallen angel with an infant urn.