The cremation urn for human ashes will be the eternal home of your loved one. It serves as a reminder of the life they lived and the love they shared with others. Personalizing a cremation urn for your beloved is the perfect tribute to their memory.

Personalizing is not just limited to the standard engraved text on an urn. Adding a personal touch makes it an even more valuable way to honor the departed. If you’re looking for ideas to make an urn for ashes more unique, then this is the perfect article for you.

Read on for valuable tips and ideas to give a cremation urn a personal touch!

Urn Personalization: Tips to Remember

Whether you choose to engrave an urn or opt for something more creative, you need to remember some basic things for the best outcome.

Short and straightforward will be best.

Keep the epitaph or memorial message to a minimum. It may be tempting to pour your heart out on the cremation urn, but we advise against this. Fewer details will keep the urn for ashes looking classic and timeless.

You may write a letter or message card that you can display next to the urn. This is an excellent choice as you can change it on a whim. On the other hand, an engraved urn will be harder to modify.

Classic designs are timeless.

They are called classics for a reason. If you opt for an extravagant design for the urn, you may find yourself wanting to change it in a few years or so. This is why we always advise families to stick with classic designs. 

Don’t try to squeeze in too many details. Engraved urns typically display the name, along with the birth and death date of the departed. You may also include an epitaph at the beginning for a personal touch. 

Unique Ideas for Cremation Urn Displays

Whether you keep the urn for ashes at home or in an urn niche, personalizing the space is a great idea. If you’re looking for inspiration on decorating the area, this is perfect for you.

Add photos of the departed loved one.

The urn table or niche will become a place to remember your loved one with. We recommend getting your favorite photos of the departed printed and framed for display. These may be solo shots or even 3pictures with family members.

You will be able to pay tribute to your loved one this way. Their memory will always stay with you as they remain a part of your home.

Include your loved one’s personal belongings.

This is an excellent idea if your loved one is fond of playing a particular sport or if they have a specific hobby that they are known for. For example, if your loved one was fond of reading, then you can put their favorite books at the side. Doing this helps preserve their memory and gives you an idea of what you should do with the personal items they left behind.

Decorate the urn table seasonally.

The holidays and any other family celebration is the perfect time to dress up and decorate the urn. You can genuinely feel that your loved one is still with you with some fitting decorations around the urn itself.

For example, you can place garlands or wreaths around the urn during Christmas time! It will serve as a great way to change up the look of the urn niche while staying festive.

We hope that this guide gave you some fresh and exciting ideas for decorating your urn. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!