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Pet Urns for Ashes

A pet is more than just a four-legged friend in a home. They walk with us through every season in life, and because members of the family as well. Pets are those that you can count on to give you unconditional love, which is why it is difficult to deal with the death of a beloved pet. 

Losing a pet is a difficult time for anyone, and pet urns for cremation are necessary to celebrate your beloved pet’s life. After cremating your pet’s ashes, these pet urns will allow you to look back on fond memories, as well as have a reminder of your beloved pet at home.

Our Cremation Urns for Pet Ashes

At Keepsakes Cremation Urns, you will be able to find the perfect cremation urn for your pet’s ashes or cremated remains. Whether your beloved pet is a dog, a cat, a horse, or whatever you have loved as a family pet, our keepsake urns are handmade with the utmost care by skilled artisans.  Feel free to look around our website or drop us a quick message if you have any questions. 

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Pet Urns FAQ:

How to choose the right pet urn? 

Choosing the keepsake urn for your pet’s cremated remains depends on the amount of ashes. If you will only choose to keep a portion, the keepsake urn for pets will be able to store the remains.

Where should a pet urn be stored?

We recommend that you place the keepsake pet urn somewhere that it won’t easily be knocked over. You can even put near a place that your pet is used to hanging around, as a remembrance of their life.

How do I know what size pet ashes urn to purchase?

The general rule for measuring cremated remains for urns is 1 pound of body weight equals 1 cubic inch of cremains.This means that if your pet weighed 50 pounds under normal, healthy conditions, you would select a pet urn that was at least 50 cubic inches.  

How can I put my pet’s ashes in an urn?

It can either be your veterinarian or the crematorium who will hand you the ashes of your pet. They will usually give it in a sealed bag or a temporary urn before you transfer the remains to its final resting place.

Where to buy pet urns?

Pet cremation urns for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets are available here at Keepsakes Memorials. We offer high quality, handmade urns made by skilled artisans. Feel free to message us at Keepsakes so we can help you choose the perfect cremation urn from a variety of materials, designs and sizes.