The death of a loved one is a difficult time that entails responsibilities and decisions. As you process your grief, it is important to give the departed a final goodbye through a thoughtful funeral ceremony. It will also help the deceased’s loved ones move on by paying tribute to their memory.

Planning a cremation funeral service isn’t that different from a burial service. Once you and your family have decided to opt for a cremation service, all that is left to do is to settle the funeral service. Unless your departed loved one planned their service beforehand, the responsibility of organizing it is the family’s. 

We understand the importance of a funeral service, and we’re here to help you out. Read on to find out everything you’ll need to know when it comes to planning a funeral service.

What to do before the cremation service?

Talk to your family.

It is important to have a conversation with the family of the departed. Talk about what everyone should expect about cremation, and if it is the final choice. Take into consideration the wishes of the departed.

Choose a cremation service.

There are a lot of options as to where your loved one can have their remains cremated. Weigh your options and find which one fits best. We recommend a well-trusted provider that will handle your departed loved one’s remains with care and respect.

Arrange for the transport of the remains.

Coordinate with your crematorium. Will they offer free transport of the cremated ashes? Does it need to be picked up? If it is the latter, make sure you have someone you can trust with your loved one’s ashes.

Planning the actual cremation funeral service.

Decide on a venue.

There are some crematoriums that offer packages which include a funeral service, as well as a venue for it. If not, you can always opt for a funeral home, church, or even in the deceased’s own home. 

It will be best to go for a venue that is significant to the departed. If they were religious, a church may be the perfect fit. Otherwise, it could be at a park, or in the backyard of a family home. It might also be good to consider the proximity of the family members so that more will be able to pay their respects.

Set the date.

The funeral service should be long enough to accommodate as many of the friends and family as possible. The standard is 2-4 days after the cremation service. For overseas loved ones, you can inform them of where the final resting place will be so that they can visit when their schedule permits. 

Determine where the final resting place will be.

As opposed to burials where you need to buy a bigger plot of land, urns do not take up as much space. Urn niches are usually leased, and you can ask a columbarium of your choice regarding their rates.

Another popular option is to keep the cremated remains at home. You can store it at a dedicated memorial place, or anywhere in your home. If you do not want to store a big urn at home, you can opt for a smaller keepsake urn.

There are even some accessories which can store a small portion of the cremated ashes. These are usually necklaces, rings, or even keychains. This way, you will be able to carry a remembrance of your loved one everywhere you go.

The best way to pay tribute to a loved one is by cherishing the memories you had with them. Make sure that the departed’s funeral service is well-planned, and that it is the perfect celebration of their life.