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Red Rose Diamond Cut – KeepSake Urn


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Our red rose diamond cut keepsake urn  is perfect for making sure that your loved one’s cremated remains are stored safely and with love for all time. Give your dearly departed eternal peace with a beautiful, diamond cut red urn. Its superior craftsmanship and beautiful red rose design is a fitting way to celebrate the memory of the departed, honouring the life and love that was shared.

Our small red keepsake urn is a promise that it will last forever, thanks to its high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Includes Premium Velvet Bag.

In stock

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Red Rose Diamond Cut Keepsake Urn

Our beautiful red rose diamond cut urn is a handcrafted, stunning piece for any setting. This small red keepsake urn will ensure your loved ones ashes will be safe and cherished forever. The diamond cut urn is unique and has been crafted with dedication, love and care. This beautiful red rose funeral urn will honor your loved one forever.

Our durable and rust proof red urn is made with superior quality material, crafted to perfection by skilled artisans, ensuring you receive the very best standard at an affordable rate.

This red cremation urn is made by hand, small imperfections/differences can happen and are part of the quality and character of a unique handmade product.

Whats included with our Red Rose Diamond Cut Keepsake Urn?

The diamond cut ash urn also comes with a luxurious velvet bag that complements the colours of the urn. This velvet bag is perfect for carrying the urn, as well as covering it from external factors whilst transporting or storing.

The red urn for ashes isn’t just pleasing to the eyes, it’s made well enough to stand the test of time. Huge amounts of love, care, and respect were poured into the creation of each individual urn, which is the quality that your departed loved one deserves.

Why Choose our Red Rose Diamond Cut Keepsake Urn?

We understand how important a creation urn will be for you. This is why we ensure each ash urn is made with love, care and attention to detail. With our ash urns, you can expect incredible value at an affordable cost. If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a 30 day, hassle free return policy for our cremation urns.


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