//Small Heart Urns

Heart Shaped Urns

Show your affection for your family member one last time with a small heart-shaped urn. You can choose from a wide array of colours and patterns that will match and celebrate the personality of your deceased loved one.

A heart shaped urn for ashes is the perfect choice if you want to pay tribute to your mother, father, child, close friend or pet. Our small heart urns are compact in size and are ideal for families who want to share cremated remains with each other. You can place this heart-shaped urn in a special spot in your house like a mantelpiece or desk or any safe and secure place.

Small Heart Shaped Cremation Urns

Our urns are all hand crafted and made from the finest materials available. Each product is made with great care and attention as we aim to supply a special heart-thought keepsake to our clients. All urns are designed to the utmost durability to stand the test of time. Check out the available heart shaped cremation urns for adults or infants in our catalogue for inspiration.