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A red heart shaped urn is a classic symbol of love that will honor the memory of your loved one. Aside from its classic beauty, our heart shaped urn for human ashes are also built to last forever.

Each urn has been handmade by skilled Nepalese artisans. These urns are crafted with durable brass metal and layered with a stunning lacquer coat to ensure its brilliance and shine. 

Our promise is to give you an urn that will serve as an eternal reminder of your loved one’s memory. This is why we’re fully committed to you and your family to receive only the best because your loved one deserves it.

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Red Heart Keepsake Urn

Our small red heart shaped keepsake urn is a symbol of timeless love, perfect for cherishing your loved one and keeping their ashes safe. Our small heart urns offer a classic design that will never go out of fashion. This versatile design looks beautiful on a mantelpiece, a desk or on display at home.

What’s included with our small red heart shaped urn?

This premium red heart shaped keepsake urn comes with a durable brass stand and, a velvet box making it easier to store and display the beautiful piece as you wish.

Each heart urn is durable and rustproof made from the highest quality brass, handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans.

This small silver heart urn is about 2.8 inches high & 2.5 inches wide. It can hold up-to approximately 3 cubic inches of ash. All heart urns are made by hand, small imperfections/differences can happen and are part of the quality and character of a hand produced product.

Why Choose Our Red Heart Urn?

We understand how important a keepsake heart urn will be for you. This is why we ensure each ash urn is made with love, care and attention to detail. With our ash urns, you can expect incredible value at an affordable cost. 

If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a 30 day, hassle-free return policy for our cremation urns. No restocking charges, no hassle!

10 reviews for Small Red Heart Shaped Urn

  1. Vernon

    Was lucky enough to buy this with discount and free shipping, thanks

  2. Isandre

    We chose this for our grandmother’s remains. Definitely no regrets, such high quality and the brilliant red design is stunning.

  3. nikka

    the family and i loved this urn. such a beautiful symbol for our departed mom. thank you for all the help

  4. Trina M

    BEAUTIFUL heart urn. I love looking at it so much!

  5. Eloise Sherman-Corr

    The velvet box complements the urn inside. The urn is of good weight and feels sturdy, so I don’t think I’ll need to replace it in the future. Quite a good bargain for the price.

  6. Raymund Marks

    A quaint yet small urn. I think this is good for storing a small amount of ashes only, maybe those that are just for display at home. Loved it nonetheless, very beautiful and striking red colour. Thanks.

  7. Nina Louise

    beautiful red urn

  8. Dino Laurente

    Feels premium, cheers!

  9. Jessica Hoff

    Exceeded our expectations. Thank you.

  10. Anna Kay

    Chose this urn for our mom who is known for wearing red all the time.
    Said it was her lucky color. The heart shape is definitely a sweet touch.

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