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Small Keepsake Urns for Human Ashes

Losing a loved one is a difficult thing to go through, and the grieving process can take some time. While nothing can ever truly replace your friend, family, or any other loved one, it is important for you to deal with your grief in a healthy manner. If the remains of your dearly departed have been cremated, then the ashes can be shared in a small keepsake urn set. This is the perfect solution

Our range of beautiful small keepsake urns

A small keepsake is the perfect solution used by those who would like a portion of the departed’s cremated remains to serve as a lasting reminder, no matter where they may go. A great way to share the ashes of mum or dad in a keepsake urn.

A small keepsake urn is the perfect way to carry around a piece of your departed’s memory. This will also be the appropriate option for those who have loved ones in far-flung places, and would like to have something to commemorate the memory of the one who has passed away. Small keepsake urns may be displayed in homes, or kept in a private nook in your house. Through this, you will be able to make sure that the departed will never be forgotten, as they will still be a part of your home in some way.

Our range of beautiful keepsake urns are unique, and will surely serve as a fitting tribute to your loved one.  These are handcrafted and designed by the most skilled artisans, because we understand that you would want only the best for your departed loved one. Our small keepsake urns will certainly be an eternal reminder of your loved one’s joy and light, even though he or she has moved onto the next life. We have made these keepsake urns with durability in mind, in order to make sure that your loved one’s memory will stand the test of time.

How to choose the right small keepsake urn for human ashes?

If you would like to keep a piece of your loved one with you in a beautifully crafted small keepsake urn, here are the following things you should consider:

  • How many of the family members would like a small portion of the ashes.
  • The form of the keepsake urn, if you would like it to be in a jewellery type or a mini urn.
  • The material of the keepsake urn to ensure it stands the test of time.
  • The place where you intend to store the keepsake urn.

Where should you store a small keepsake urn?

Families and loved ones often get a keepsake urn in order to keep a small portion of the cremated remains close by. We recommend putting it in a dedicated niche at home, or anywhere that can help you honour the departed’s memory. For those who have loved ones in far-flung places, they can even get a keepsake urn for themselves which is easier to transport. 

What can you do with small keepsake urns?

Keepsake urns are the perfect way to keep a portion of your loved one’s remains closer to home. Here are some ways that a keepsake urn can benefit the family:

  • If the family has chosen to bury the urn, you may want to keep a portion of the ashes through a keepsake urn.
  • A keepsake urn is not just limited to the cremated remains, as it can also contain other items and memorabilias of the departed, such as jewellery.
  • Keepsake urns are a great addition to regular-sized urns for those who want to share small amounts of the ashes among different family members.
  • For those who have opted to scatter the ashes, having a keepsake urn will be a permanent reminder of your loved one’s life.

What are small keepsake cremation urns made of?

Our keepsake products are made with the highest quality, handmade urns by skilled artisans. You can honour the memory of your departed loved one by choosing from our wide variety of urns, such as aluminum, ceramic, enamel, or metal. 

Additional FAQS

What is the size of a small keepsake cremation urn?

Keepsake cremation urns are built to hold a small amount of ashes. Each urn is around 1.9 inches in diameter and 2.9 inches tall.

How are small keepsake urns sealed?

After filling the urn with the ashes of your loved ones, you can start sealing the container. If you're using a metal urn, simply turn the lid until it's tightly closed. If you bought a ceramic urn, use the plastic plug to prevent the remains from spilling. Lastly, if you opted for a wooden memorial urn, seal the remains then fasten the screw located at the bottom portion.

Do keepsake urns need to be sealed?

We recommend that you seal the keepsake urn with the method mentioned above. This is so that you can prevent it from spilling, or being contaminated by dust or dirt.

Where to buy small keepsake urns?

Small keepsake urns for human ashes are available here at Keepsakes Memorials. We offer an extensive selection of keepsake urns. Feel free to message us so we can help you choose the perfect keepsake urn from a variety of materials, designs and sizes.