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Chalice Keepsake Urn lavender


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Our lavender chalice keepsake urn is a classic traditional design which delivers a sophisticated lasting tribute to your loved one. The lavender mini chalice urn for ashes is handcrafted and uniquely designed by the most skilled artisans.

Our lavender chalice urns are built to last and look beautiful when displayed as a lasting memory of your loved one.

Includes Premium Velvet Box & brass display stand.

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Mini Lavender Chalice Keepsake Urn

Our small lavender chalice shaped keepsake urn is a symbol of timeless love, perfect for cherishing your loved one and keeping their ashes safe. Our chalice urns offer a classic design that will last the test of time. This versatile design looks beautiful on a mantelpiece, a desk or on display at home.

What’s included with our small lavender chalice urn?

This premium lavender chalice keepsake urn comes with a velvet box making it easier to store and display the beautiful piece as you wish.

Each chalice urn is durable and rust proof made from the highest quality brass, handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans.

This small chalice urn is about 5.5 inches high & 5 inches wide. It can hold up-to approximately 4 to 5 cubic inches of ash, which is approximately 4 – 5 tablespoons.

All chalice urns are made by hand, small imperfections/differences can happen and are part of the quality and character of a hand produced product.

Why Choose our Lavender chalice Urn?

We understand how important a keepsake urn will be for you. This is why we ensure each ash urn is made with love, care and attention to detail. With our ash urns, you can expect incredible value at an affordable cost. If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a 30 day, hassle free return policy for our cremation urns. No restocking charges, no hassle!

6 reviews for Chalice Keepsake Urn lavender

  1. Trace Ebbard (verified owner)

    Recommending this to anyone who needs urns. Fuss-free and quality urn for ashes

  2. Britt (verified owner)

    The chalice urn design is stunning

  3. Jenny Martinez (verified owner)

    Purchased this keepsake urn for my mother’s ashes that my family and I shared. This was the perfect color for her as she loved lavender. I’m sure she would have appreciated this stunning urn for ashes.

  4. Tina Yong (verified owner)

    it’s a truly lovely urn other than being very small! make sure to check the size and dimensions before purchasing as it is a keepsake urn

  5. Cassandra Chan (verified owner)

    It took me awhile to bring myself to begin looking for an urn for my daughter since she passed away young and unexpectedly I just wanted something beautiful for her and this was it. Stunning keepsake urn. Perfect fit for the ashes.

  6. Kate McDuff (verified owner)

    Very very happy with the lavender urn! It has a bit of weight to it which makes it feel sturdy

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