/White Diamond cut Keepsake Urns Set of 4 For Human Ashes

White Diamond cut Keepsake Urns Set of 4 For Human Ashes


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Our best selling white set of small keepsake urns are back in stock. The eye-catching yet elegant design of these urns is perfect for paying tribute to your departed loved one. We made sure that each urn is of the highest quality, with it being handmade by the most skilled Nepalese artisans.

We value beautiful and intelligent design. This is why each urn from the white keepsake set features a threaded screw top, ensuring the remains of your loved one are kept secure. You can take peace in the fact these keepsake urns will help you honour your loved one forever.

Each small keepsake urn is about 2.9 inches tall and can hold around three tablespoons of ash. All four white cremation ashes keepsake urns are made by hand, slight imperfections/differences can happen and are part of the quality of a handmade product.

Includes Premium Velvet Box & 4 Velvet Pouches.

In stock

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Set of 4 Beautiful Handmade White Diamond Cut Keepsake Urns

Families and loved ones treasure keepsake urns, as it is an eternal reminder of their loved one. Our collection of mini white keepsake urns which feature a white, engraved, diamond-cut design has the quality and elegance that your loved one deserves.

Keepsake sized urns are used by families to retain some ashes at home, close to loved ones. We value simplicity, which is why we designed this to be easily filled by anyone, yet highly durable.

What’s included in our White Diamond Cut Keepsake Set?

You will get a set of 4 diamond-cut mini white keepsake urns. The set comes in a premium satin fabric black velvet box, and four velvet pouches to carry and safely store your ashes keepsake urns.

Each urn is around 1.9 inches in diameter and 2.9 inches tall. They are made of high-quality metal and display one of a kind, unique designs cut with diamond. Our handmade urns are crafted by world-class artisans using old-world techniques. All of the engraving, designing and painting on our urns are produced by hand, making them truly unique.

Each Urn is protected by a Lacquer coat which will preserve and protect the ash urns color. Secure threaded lid tops help to keep the content secure and safe. The bottom is fortified with quality material for better grip and stability.

White Diamond cut Keepsake

Why Choose our Mini White Keepsake Urns?

We understand how important these keepsake urns will be for you and your family. This is why we ensure each ash urn is made with love, care and attention to detail. With our ash urns, you can expect incredible value at an affordable cost.


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