Cremation is a growing trend in funeral services that has been increasing steadily over the last few decades. It is an environmentally friendly option for those who prefer to avoid traditional burial practices. Cremation can also help you save money on funeral costs, as it tends to be more affordable than a standard funeral service. Here are some reasons why you should consider cremation over a traditional burial when planning your final arrangements.

Cremation is a more affordable option.

Cremation typically costs between one-third and one-half of the price of a traditional funeral service. This can lead to significant savings, especially if you are planning to have a large funeral service.

There are many reasons that you should choose cremation over a traditional burial, especially if you want an affordable final arrangement option without giving up quality options from a reputable funeral home with competitive prices on their services. Cremations tend to have more benefits than burials.

Cremation is environmentally friendly.

Many people are starting to focus on the environment and go green in their final arrangements, which has contributed to the popularity of cremations over traditional burials. Cremating a body produces approximately half as much carbon dioxide emissions as burying it does.

When you choose cremation, your loved ones will not have to bury or embalm your body. This reduces the amount of waste produced by traditional funerals, and it also eliminates the need for tombstones or other memorials that take up valuable space in our green spaces.

Cremation leaves more options for memorials.

In addition to not needing a tombstone or other permanent marker, cremated remains can be scattered anywhere that is meaningful to your loved ones.

There is no need to purchase expensive caskets and vaults when you choose cremation because there will only be the ashes of the deceased left at the end of the process. You can also save money on transportation costs since most funeral homes do not have a particular area reserved just for transporting bodies from place to place unless they are being sent overseas. The savings from these aspects alone could cover nearly half of what it would cost if you chose traditional burial services instead with some funeral homes charging as much as $2000 in transportation fees alone.

Cremated remains can be scattered or buried.

If you do not want to keep your loved one’s ashes on display in your home, you can choose to have them scattered in a cemetery or park, or buried in an urn. This provides more flexibility than traditional burials, which often require the purchase of a plot of land.

Cremation allows for a smaller funeral service.

Since cremation does not involve a body being present at the funeral service, holding a much smaller gathering is possible. This can be helpful if you want to save money on funeral costs and avoid hosting a large memorial service.

A cremation service is far less complicated than a burial service. When people choose to bury a loved one, they usually opt for a traditional funeral service in addition to the burial. You’ll need to coordinate with the cemetery, recruit pallbearers, schedule a visitation, and much more in this situation. While some people still prefer to have a traditional funeral followed by a cremation, a celebration of life or memorial ceremony are more commonly associated with and favorable to being followed by a cremation. While your family is still grieving and reacting to the news in the days following the death, these ceremonies don’t require as much organization.

There are many reasons why cremation is preferred for those looking to say goodbye with a sense of peace and closure. The idea that you can create your own memorial urn or scatter ashes in an area near loved ones and how it’s more environmentally friendly than traditional burial both make cremation very appealing. However, there may be some questions still floating around about what actually happens during this process. We hope we have answered most of them here but if not let us know and we will do our best to find the answer!